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Getting Started

A quick guide on creating to-do lists and tasks

The best way to manage and track your project’s progress is to launch, organize and assign to-do lists to the appropriate team members.

Create a to do list by clicking “create a to do list” from the dashboard or the to do list tool.

Then title your to do list and tag it with some keywords if desired. Once you’ve created the list create tasks to associate to that list by clicking “add new task”

Add a task description, a due date if desired and assign the task to a team member, you can tag the task or share it with others on the team to give them visibility to that task.

Hit save task to complete the task creation

If you have multiple tasks under a to do list you can reorder them by dragging them by holding down the gripper icon on the right hand side of the task and moving the task to a new desired position within the to do list