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Getting Started

A quick guide on project musings

Musings are simply ideas and inspirations you’ve bookmarked online that you can share with clients or other project team members. To get started, drag our bookmarklet to your bookmark bar from the project dashboard or the musings section of your project. If you already have the bookmarklet from a previous project you can skip this step. Once the bookmarklet is on your bookmark bar your ready to collect musings. To collect a musing you can visit any website that has images and when you are ready to save that image for a project, simply press the muse studio bookmarklet from the bookmark bar. From here you can use the scroll arrows to navigate throughout the various images on the page. When you've found the image you want select it and fill in a description of the item to help you describe the image and categorize it for yourself and your team members. Also if this musing is for a specific project, make sure to assign it to that project. If you do not assign it to a project you'll still be able to save that musing for later and if you choose to, assign that musing to a project at a later date.

Hit save musing and your musing will be stored on your muse studio account.

Once you save your musing you can either : -view it immediately, by clicking take me to muse studio button on the confirmation screen
-capture another image from the same page -continue browsing the web, the musings bookmarklet automatically closes after you've saved a musing within 5 seconds or you can close it manually by hitting the close button at the top left