Muse Studio Blog

Intro to Storyboards


Welcome and thanks for checking out the new Storyboards feature on Muse Studio. The Storyboards feature will allow you to visualize your kitchen redesign like never before.  Select items from multiple categories we've carefully selected to drive your inspiration. Drag them to your board, position, resize, rotate or crop them to customize your board.

You can also drag your own musings to the storyboard by going to "my musings"

Once you've finished your board, you can share it through your social networks or directly to those in your network in email. 

They'll be able to view what you've created for an enhanced degree of collaboration.

Additionally we've extended the ability to capture musings beyond the web into the real world via your mobile device and use them to help build your storyboard

Log on to from your tablet or smartphone, and you can collect musings through your devices camera. 

These items will show up under "my musings" within your categories. 

We're excited to bring this new feature to you and hope that it brings a new level of visualization and collaboration to your kitchen design. 

If you have any feedback please email