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Inspiration is everywhere. That’s why Muse Studio gives you three ways to easily collect your images and start building your vision.

  • Musings: Discover inspiration collected by users and browse images added by professionals who can help bring your ideas to life.
  • Upload: Do you have your own collection of ideas already on your computer? Upload photos easily by selecting ‘+ upload a new musing’ from My Musings.
  • Muse it! button: This is your gateway to collecting and sharing images from anywhere. As you are surfing the web and find photos that inspire you, simply click on the Muse it! button in your browser’s toolbar and add them to your Musings! Instructions for installing the Muse it! button can be found on All Musings.

What makes the Muse it! button so powerful is that you don’t have to actually be on Muse Studio to collect and share images you love. Did you find the perfect chandelier for your new dining room? Just click the bookmarklet and save the image directly to your project musings, along with descriptions and tags to communicate what about that chandelier inspires you.

No matter how you choose to collect your musings, you will always have the ability to include your own personal tags and descriptions to communicate what inspires you, in your words. This will come in handy when you sit down with your Muse trade professional and other partners helping you bring your ideas to life.

You also have the option to collect privately until you are ready to share with your trade professional, or better yet, with the Muse community. We can’t wait to see what inspires you.